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Arijit Sen is a Certified Financial Planner (Membership No.: 116472), SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (Registration No.: INA300012723), Qualified Personal Finance Professional ® (Certificate No.: 4030) & Fiduciary.

He practices as a fee-only Financial Advisor in Kolkata for individuals and families. He is fascinated with Mind Maps. He has been confident in providing personal financial planning and investment advisory services. He believes conflict-free advice is like gold dust. He considers this as an opportunity to honestly address people’s financial as well as non-financial concerns and guide them towards tranquility along with his father, Uttam Kumar Sen. Being the second generation in this profession, his focus has been to take forward his father’s beliefs, principles and culture. He understands the responsibility bestowed on him and wishes to hand-hold clients towards their life-goals. He grew up closely following his father who has been in the field of personal finance for the last 34 years. He was strong-willed to join his father’s profession surrounding personal finance. The way his father has been dealing with clients, it always fascinates him. Clients are contented for the services they have been receiving. This is what propelled Arijit to become a fee-only Financial Advisor and take his father’s noble endeavour forward.

He used to sit inside the office room as his father attended clients. During this experience, he developed the habit of understanding a person’s attitude. This in turn helped both father and son to take client’s risk profiling process to a whole new level, involving rigorous analysis. During his college days, he accompanied his father in Financial Well-being Campaigns. It allowed him to develop superlative interest in the field of personal finance.

Since 2014, he has been actively engaging with clients and dealing with Mutual Funds investment portfolios. He wishes to take his practice forward and put smiles on clients’ faces.

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