Ratesvane Fixed Income tool kit

Topic Name: Ratesvane Fixed Income tool kit
When : 15th October 5:30 PM

Speaker Details: Usha Nair, Head of Distribution at DSP mutual fund

Ratesvane tool kit by DSP understands the impact of selected macro variables on interest rates and helps make real time informed decisions which are consistent, tangible & transparent, with respect to their fixed income investments.

RatesVane provides rate insights since 2005 along with the following capabilities:

a) What are the key macro factors which drive interest rates?

b) What is the direction of interest rates(Up, Down or Neutral)?

c) Qualitative aspect on DSP view on each macro factor, along with a trend chart paired with 10 Year GSec

d) Comparative Analysis – DSP View vs. Client’s View on interest

e) Where to invest? – Recommend funds based on a rate view & the ability to Apportion investments

f) Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of the recommended funds.