Q.3 : I am a mutual fund distributor wanted to make a will for me, need advice from you.


Thanks for your query.

Will is an important document – ideally consult a proper legal or investment adviser before preparing it.

Some of the points which should be kept in mind are as follows :

  • Nominee holds the assets in trust for the true legal heirs.
  • Nomination only eases the process of transfer of assets after death. It does not confer title on the nominee.
  • Only exception is the nominee of a life insurance policy who is the parent, spouse, or child of the policy holder
  • Every Individual should make a will specifying the beneficiaries for all their assets.
  • Nominations should match the beneficiaries under the will to avoid confusion.
  • Several online services are also available to generate a will.
  • Simple drafts are also available on the Internet.

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