Role of Passive Debt Investments in Investor’s Portfolio

When : Oct 22, 2020 05:00 PM to 6 PM Speaker Details: Mr.Arun Sundaresan Co-Fund Manager (Quant Fund) and Head – Product Management. The session highlights an emerging trend in India of many passive debt investments, fund strategies finding very high favor and acceptance in an investor’s portfolio. It will bring out the intricacies of how these[…..]

Ratesvane Fixed Income tool kit

Topic Name: Ratesvane Fixed Income tool kit When : 15th October 5:30 PM Speaker Details: Usha Nair, Head of Distribution at DSP mutual fund Ratesvane tool kit by DSP understands the impact of selected macro variables on interest rates and helps make real time informed decisions which are consistent, tangible & transparent, with respect to[…..]