About the Advisor

My name is Vipin Khandelwal. I am here to enable individual investors such as you to take a structured approach to money and investments which saves you from making big mistakes and use rationale to drive decisions to help you use money to live a life you care about.

I have over 17 years experience in business & financial analysis, financial planning education and investment advisory.

During my work I got a chance to work with hundreds of individuals in helping them to make smarter decisions with money.

I currently practise as a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser.

Service Overview

My services are focused to help you make winning investment decisions centered around what is important to you. The primary question in our discussions is “What do you want to do with you money?”

This takes you into a journey of exploration and finding the right reasons to invest and thus creating a structure, a framework that drives your investment decisions.

They key services include – Mutual Fund Portfolio Recommendations and Goal Based Comprehensive Financial Planning.

Investing Philosophy

I believe that when right advice meets your money, your investments flourish. You make the most sensible decisions and avoid the biggest mistakes. In short, you get the most bang for your buck.

This will help you reach your financial goals, faster. The ‘faster’ is a result of patience, discipline and knowledge. Add to it the bonus of low costs with direct plans of mutual funds, for example.

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