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Our financial situation is so complex, that it is impossible to unravel and change it!

We are living in times where the global financial crisis, high levels of unemployment, the rising cost of living, and low levels of financial literacy are collectively contributing towards making people financially vulnerable. Also, financial products in the market are becoming increasingly complex to understand.
Do you want to improve your personal finances and, by doing so, improve your quality of life?
Do you want to achieve your financial goals?
Do you want to manage better in difficult financial times?

If your answers to most of the above questions are yes, then let’s interact. Hi, I am Sonesh Dedhia. Through my experience, I have found that, though clients want to improve their financial life, their want remains a want. The multitude of sales of different financial products makes them confused and because of a lack of proper direction, they not only lose their money but also trust. Hence, I realized it was more about a fiduciary duty to put my clients’ interests first, even at my own expense & give the right financial advice needed to make informed choices about budgeting, savings and investment products available, have appropriate risk management, preparing for the rainy day or being prepared for the retirement.

My mission is to establish a Global Financial Advisory Company that helps & supports the people who seek change in their financial status with unbiased advice.

Lastly, understanding & managing finances are incredibly exciting- a fair knowledge of finance, enjoying research on the same, time to monitor, evaluate and make periodic changes guidance in your portfolio and a little professional approach can help you in long run to nurture your wealth.

I love making new professional acquaintances. Reach out if you want to talk about finance at

Expertise: Financial Planning & Investment management

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