Taressh Bhatia is a renowned Financial Freedom Specialist in India.


Taressh is a CFP (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER) and an MBA. He is the Founder and Partner in the firm, Advantage Financial Planners LLP- a firm registered with SEBI as a “Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)”.


Taressh serves young married couples to get their financial freedom. With his 32 years of experience, he has helped thousands to help them achieve their financial dreams. With his unique process drive approach, he can quickly develop a financial plan. Then assist them in their investments in direct online mutual funds also.


Taressh is on a mission to transform how India looks at money, thereby triggering a financial revolution in India.


Taressh lives in Gurgaon with wife and 2 children. His wife, Meghna runs a media agency. His son, Bhavya works with Deloitte and daughter is studying in DPS.

What no one knows is that Taressh took a sabbatical for 2 years to study financial planning.

He loves photography and is passionate about new trainings.

He has launched a series of webinars and online courses on financial planning made easy.


Taressh is the author of the book: “The Richness Principles”, now an amazon best seller


Agnam Advisors is a SEBI registered, fee only investment advisory platform that provides unbiased advisory through a customer centric advisory model. We work in lieu of fee received from our clients, instead of brokerage and commission from product manufacturers, ensuring unbiased and fair advisory. We sit at the client’s side of the table while reviewing suitable investment options.

We are a Multi Family Office providing customised support to families towards setting up and planning their Estate Plan, Investments, Taxes, Legal, Philanthropy etc.

We are amongst few fees only advisors with depth of experience in managing assets and delivering superior risk adjusted returns through goal-based asset allocation strategies.

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Our financial situation is so complex, that it is impossible to unravel and change it!

We are living in times where the global financial crisis, high levels of unemployment, the rising cost of living, and low levels of financial literacy are collectively contributing towards making people financially vulnerable. Also, financial products in the market are becoming increasingly complex to understand.
Do you want to improve your personal finances and, by doing so, improve your quality of life?
Do you want to achieve your financial goals?
Do you want to manage better in difficult financial times?

If your answers to most of the above questions are yes, then let’s interact. Hi, I am Sonesh Dedhia. Through my experience, I have found that, though clients want to improve their financial life, their want remains a want. The multitude of sales of different financial products makes them confused and because of a lack of proper direction, they not only lose their money but also trust. Hence, I realized it was more about a fiduciary duty to put my clients’ interests first, even at my own expense & give the right financial advice needed to make informed choices about budgeting, savings and investment products available, have appropriate risk management, preparing for the rainy day or being prepared for the retirement.

My mission is to establish a Global Financial Advisory Company that helps & supports the people who seek change in their financial status with unbiased advice.

Lastly, understanding & managing finances are incredibly exciting- a fair knowledge of finance, enjoying research on the same, time to monitor, evaluate and make periodic changes guidance in your portfolio and a little professional approach can help you in long run to nurture your wealth.

I love making new professional acquaintances. Reach out if you want to talk about finance at sonesh.dedhia@manekfinancial.com

Expertise: Financial Planning & Investment management

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Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors has expertise of 15+ years in simplifying finances and enriching lives.

We add time to the lives of busy and successful professionals and senior management executives across the globe, by helping them have a panoramic view of their finances.

By providing a personalized and unbiased analysis of their finances, resources and life goals, we empower client families and guide them so that they have the time and freedom to do the things they would truly like to do.

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