Membership Criterion

1. Who can become an ARIA member?

Membership to ARIA is open to entities having a valid SEBI registration under the Investment Advisors Regulation , 2013.

2. What are the benefits of being an ARIA member?

There are multiple benefits of being a member of ARIA including:

  1. Professional development opportunities
  2. Channel to voice opinions to regulator and other stakeholders
  3. Opportunity to shape the upcoming profession
  4. Mark of excellence
  5. Best practices exchange with peers

3. How do I decide whether I am an individual or corporate member?

Membership to ARIA is as based on the registration category type with SEBI. In case one is registered as an individual with SEBI under the RIA regulations, ARIA membership will be as individual. In case one is registered as a corporate with SEBI under the RIA regulations, ARIA membership will be as corporate.

4. What is the advantage of being a life member?

Life members get one year free membership, as they pay for nine years but get membership of ten years. In addition, they get the benefit of protection of escalation of annual fees going forward.

Benefits of being an RIA 

  1. Credibility bestowed by SEBI for ‘client side / buy side’ advisory 
  2. Regulator’s pronouncement of Fiduciary status 
  3. License to practice and provide superior ‘investment advisory services’ for fees, resulting in better income earning opportunities   
  4. Opportunity to deliver higher value add service, providing more growth opportunities for future 
  5. Scope to deliver client centric, multi product advice across asset classes and enjoy better business prospects
  6. Opportunity to be a Guide / Mentor / Friend to clients, creating long term sticky clientele
  7. A practice / business for the future which will not be under threat even at highest levels of automation
  8. Enjoy better societal status as a licensed service provider and more trust with investors

Membership Categories

Please note:

  1. One year Membership period is always till the end of the current Financial year. For instance, suppose a person becomes a member on 1/10/2019, his/her membership will subsist till 31/3/2020.
  2. For a Lifetime membership, the applicable period is ten years. Like in case of one year membership, the first year tenure will be till the end of the financial year. They will also be members for the next nine financial years. For instance, if the person registers on 1/10/2019 & chooses a life membership, they will be a member till 31/3/2029.


Become a Member

Use the form below for applying for your membership. If you have any query on initial membership or renewal, please reach out to the Membership Committee at

Membership Committee:

Lovaii Navalakhi +91 98867 46696
Suresh Sadagopan +91 98200 25941

Please note that the decision on membership to ARIA is subject to approval by the Board of ARIA and no specific reason needs to be given for non acceptance of your application.


Rs. 2,000/- per annum
Rs. 18,000/- for 10 years


Rs. 6,000/- per annum
Rs. 54,000/- for 10 years